"IMT's PhD program excelled in establishing a strong sense of community among students. Years after leaving Lucca, we still maintain close connections, travel together, and meet newer IMT School members all over the world! CCSN training is highly regarded internationally, benefiting me in every lab I collaborated with abroad. The program also offered an immense opportunity to explore Italy and its rich culture – studying at IMT School went beyond working for a degree; it offered a life-transforming journey." 

Adrian Onicas

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Neurology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA 

"One of the most challenging and enriching experiences of my life was doing a PhD in the CCSN track at the IMT School, where I had the opportunity to push my boundaries, explore my research interests and shape my identity as a researcher. In IMT School you can widen your knowledge and be inspired by experts with different backgrounds, as well as meeting scholars from the international panorama. I grew as a researcher and as a person and I think that this is the aspect that makes IMT special: it is not only a place where you acquire skills and knowledge, but also a place where you acquire life longing relationships"

Chiara Battaglini

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University School for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia, Italy 

"The experience at IMT has been invaluable to me. I have developed a solid knowledge in my research field and equipped myself with valuable skills that helped me to obtain a Marie Curie research fellowship after my PhD. The School provides students with a very supportive research environment and the opportunity to meet and collaborating with peers from different countries and backgrounds allows you to learn and expand your knowledge in a unique way"

 Giada Lettieri 

Postdoctoral Researcher, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy

"As a PhD student of the CCSN track, I had the freedom to explore on my own research interests, while also learning a lot from the daily interaction with the researchers of the group. A PhD in Lucca is a challenging but extremely educative experience. The group has unmatched expertise in neuroimaging methods and IMT attracts speakers from all over the world, giving you the chance to interact with and present your work to top-notch scientists"

 Paolo Papale 

PostDoc, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Recent placements of graduates in cognitive neuroscience at IMT School 

Students enrolled in 2020

Sean Anthony Byrne 

Students enrolled in 2018

Valentina Elce (Research Fellow, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca) / Yara El Rassi /

Students enrolled in 2017

Chiara Battaglini (Research Fellow, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna) / Martina Berto (Research Fellow, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)/ Nicolina Bruno (Postdoc, NYU)/ Alessandra Federici (Postdoc, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)/ Cemal Koba (Postdoc, Sano Centre for Computational Medicine)/ Marta Lancione (Postdoc, IRCCS Stella Maris, Pisa · FiRMLAB)/ Adrian Onicas (University of Utah | UOU · Department of Neurology) / Francesca Simonelli (Research Fellow, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)/ Gabriele Valvano (Lead AI Specialist, Baker Hughes)

Students enrolled in 2016

Giulia Avvenuti (Postdoc, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca) / Evgenia Bednaya / Giacomo Handjaras  (Assistant Professor, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)/ Laura Imperatori / Giada Lettieri (Marie Curie Postdoc, Université Catholique de Louvain)/ Alice Martinelli (Research Fellow, IRCCS Stella Maris, Pisa)/ Laura Muscatello / Paolo Papale (Postdoc, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience)/ Francesca Setti  (PostDoc, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)/ Ilaria Zampieri (PostDoc, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)