Campus life

Student life

One of the major benefits of pursuing a PhD at the IMT School is the opportunity to spend time with fellow colleagues. Typically, the life of a PhD student involves extended periods of solitary work without much interaction. Nonetheless, at the IMT School, both workspaces and recreational areas are seamlessly blended, providing ample chances for socializing and networking.

At the IMT School, students are encouraged to not only engage in collaborative research but also to participate in everyday activities with one another. Unlike other PhD programs, the IMT School offers diverse research opportunities that facilitate interdisciplinary connections. This not only benefits research endeavors, but also enriches the daily lives of students, as living amongst peers from varying backgrounds provides unique opportunities that may not be available in traditional settings.

Additionally, the proximity of the majority of research facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, and student offices, to the residential spaces within the San Francesco Complex and the new nearby complex located in Via Brunero Paoli, streamlines students' lives by reducing travel time and promoting social interactions.



on campus

After a demanding day of hard work, students often unwind in the leisure areas, where they can mingle with individuals from various PhD programs and researchers at varying stages of their careers. 

The IMT residence in the San Francesco Complex boasts numerous spaces for students to socialize and enjoy their free time, such as a living room outfitted with a TV, ping-pong table, sofas, and foosball; several leisure areas with sofas; outdoor gardens for activities; a small fitness spot for exercise; and a Turkish bath to unwind after a strenuous day.




The San Francesco Complex and the new complex in Via Brunero Paoli provide rooms, each furnished with a private bathroom and desk. The residential area boasts several amenities, including a canteen that serves both lunch and dinner, kitchenettes with a stove, microwave, and dishwasher, and a laundry area equipped with four token-operated washer-dryers and a token dispenser. All IMT students are eligible for free accommodation, with complimentary access to the canteen. Furthermore, only students have permission to use the kitchenette and laundry area, which minimizes time spent on household chores.



and the IMT


The IMT School provides students with resources to support their daily work. Collaborating in an interdisciplinary environment allows students to engage in discussions with peers from diverse fields, providing multiple perspectives on approaching research challenges.

The San Francesco Complex offers six spacious study rooms with 65 individual workstations exclusively designated for students. The IMT School Library, located in the former San Ponziano Church, offers 32 spots exclusively reserved for IMT students (in addition to the 86 reading spaces available to external users). Additionally, the library features 24 individual offices, 20 of which are reserved for IMT School researchers and four for students. Students can reserve these offices on a daily basis.